We see ourselves not as individuals but as part of a broader group working together towards a common team purpose.

Commitment to Service

We shall assist our client's and their customers promptly with dedication and professionalism.


We are always looking for better innovative ways of doing things.


We strive to develop professional relationships.

Strategic Objectives

  • Growing our partnership with our client's |Focus on innovation in technology and service
  • At Bham & Dahya, we align ourselves to your vision and mission statements.
  • Aims and objectives are determined by:
  • Conducting a needs analysis on staff
  • Addressing product knowledge, skills and capabilities
  • Training of staff is aligned specifically to meet and comply with the project requirements.
  • We ensure a collection methodology that meets your aims and objectives on the different placements.
  • We leverage on technology as a differentiating factor.
  • Our skilled management who drive staff motivation is a key attribute in achieving the desired results.
  • The implementation plan flows from the needs analysis and segmentation process
  • Our core focus is to utilize all effective strategies to optimize collections.
  • We have seats immediately available for anticipated projects and we are able to commence immediately.




  • Educational assistance- Bursary funds
  • Soccer sponsorship- underprivileged youth team x -Stokes City
  • Youth groups - sponsorship. Religious organizations - sponsorship to develop a local church – annual grants
  • In addition our Mr Bham served as a Commissioner of the Small Claims Court
  • Internal Bursaries and External Bursaries


  • We have adopted 5 soccer teams from the underprivileged community in Actonville, Benoni. The ages range from 5 to 14.
  • We have sponsored 5 complete soccer kits, registration fees, tournaments, trophies and transport to away games.
  • In addition, we supported the Benoni Chamber of Commerce and several of their functions.
  • Charitable organizations – catering for destitute people and children
  • Feeding scheme – Olivers Home